Acupuncture and Five Element Theory

What is Five Element Theory?

The Five Element Theory is based on the oldest and most renowned ancient Chinese Medical Ecyclopedia called Hwang-Jei-Nae-Kyung.


According to ancient theory, Yin-Yang and Five elements:

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are the basis of all human kind.

The ancient Chinese gained knowledge of the nature of Five Elements through long observation of nature and ascribed certain values to each. 

Wood is the bending and the straightening,” having the characteristics of growth, upbearing, and effusion.

Fire is the flaming upward,” having the quality of heat and upward motion.

Earth is the sowing and reaping,” representing the planting and harvesting of crops and the bringing forth of phenomena.

Metal is the working of change,” having the qualities of purification, elimination, and reform.

Water is the moistening and descending to low places,” having the qualities of moistening, downward movement, and coldness.

Five Elements theory is based on the understanding of the nature of these qualities, attributed to all phenomena in the universe. The interaction of Five Elements explains the nature of all phenomena.


In medicine, the internal organs, body tissues, sense and other organs, emotions, and even properties of medicinal are all categorized according to these elements.

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