A balanced human body has a natural resistance to various diseases.

For the past years, we have been helping our clients applying the Five Element Nutritional Lifestyle.



With a gentle touch and a strong knowledge of the human body we help alleviate pain every day.

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Five Element Theory


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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture works holistically for the body and is always carried out by professionals in the field of acupuncture. Today, Acupuncture is unique and one of the most popular practice of the Traditional Chinese Medicine in the west.

Acupuncture can be useful in treating different types of diseases, pains, and stress related symptoms. Acupuncture works holistically in curing disease as it makes use of different techniques which include massage therapy, tai chi, qi gong, herbal medicines and other practices.

Women's Health

Acupuncture helps in reducing stress and balance the hormones attached with pregnancy and labor.

Medical practitioners now recommend Acupuncture as a method to ease anxiety and pain, reduce stress and balance hormones attached with pregnancy.


The use of this needle therapy eases physical stress during the period of labor and also lightens up the mood during delivery.

Chronic Pains

Acupuncture also helps in reducing chronic pains of the joints, back, chest or knee.

Acupuncture helps in relieving significant pain of the parts above without the use of any other treatment. It works effectively and efficiently within a short period of time unlike other treatment method which may take long.

Insomnia & Other Mental Illness

Research has shown that acupuncture helps in the treatment of insomnia faster than any other treatment method. Research also shows that combining acupuncture with the use of herbal treatment for treating insomnia works faster than any other treatment method. Also using acupuncture method for the treatment of insomnia has no negative or side effect.

One of the most efficient non-pharmaceutical tools that can be used in relieving headaches and migraines is the Needle therapy. Acupuncture reduce the tension that comes with headaches, it reduced the intensity of the headache and the period the headache.

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"Few days after my initial treatment, my back pain started to get eased. And eventually after my third treatment today, I can definitely feel the difference in my low back and it almost feels like a MIRACLE that my pain's almost gone!!"

— Brian S, NYC

"Ji Sung Kim is one of the best acupuncturists out there in the city! Very professional and friendly staffs!"

— Katie L, NJ

"I have been to many acupuncturists but Ji Sung Kim Acupuncture handles the needles with the most gentle touch and leaves no pain at all!."

— Susan K, NYC




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