Acupuncture in simple term means holistic needle therapy. It is a Traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves the inserting of needle into the skin to stimulate specific points on the body.

Acupuncture can treat all kinds of problems including chronic back problems, pains at the joints, migraines and headaches, digestive problem, osteoarthritis, muscle pains, skin allergies and even depression.

If Acupuncture can cure these diseases, you may begin to think "Is this treatment method safe?"

The answer to this is YES. Research and studies have shown that Acupuncture is safe. But it can only be safe when you are sure it is being carried out by a well-trained and experienced practitioner who will make use of uncontaminated needles for the therapy.

To ensure safety during acupuncture, at Ji Sung Kim Acupuncture, we make sure that needles to be used are sterile and non-toxic. 


Today Acupuncture is unique and one of the most popular practice of the Traditional Chinese Medicine in the west.

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